Instructors & Trainers, Synthetic Flight Instructor (SFI)

B737 Simulator Instructor

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Job Role:
Instructors & Trainers, Synthetic Flight Instructor (SFI)
Aircraft type:
Boeing B737 NG

Job description

Job Purpose:

  • A Simulator Instructor (SI) is responsible for training students how to fly in a variety of settings using methods from approved courseware that include simulators and Procedure Trainers. SI develops curricula, instruct students in a classroom setting, conduct training flights in the simulator, determine student proficiency, report on student progress and develop new teaching methods. They are responsible for training students in subjects such as aircraft systems, operating procedures, handling emergencies, problem analysis, aircraft navigation, radio operation, etc.
  • Responsible for the delivery of training primarily in a flight simulator/procedure trainer but also when required in ground school, in accordance with the appropriate regulatory and customer requirements.



Duties and Responsibilities:

  • The maintenance of the highest standards of safety and discipline during all stages of training.
  • Conduct training in a flight simulator, training devices (FSTD) and theoretical knowledge instruction
  • Ensuring that the instructing approval granted by the Authority is valid before conducting any training which requires him/her to exercise the privileges of that approval.
  • Conduct the training as directed and scheduled by the ATO
  • Conducting the training as directed by the Training Manager
  • Assisting the Training Manager in the preparation of course programs and classroom presentations when required.
  • SI may conduct instruction in the issue, revalidation and renewal of type ratings, MCC and Jet Familiarization training, and / or any other CAE approved trainings
  • The application of the required standards of safety and discipline during all stages of training.
  • Conversant with the ATO / client manual, policies and instructions.
  • Responsible for conducting pre and post flight simulator briefings in a thorough, professional manner and in accordance with CAE standards
  • Compile student training progress and theoretical examination reports
  • Reporting cases of sub-standard student performance or failure to meet the theoretical examination requirements via the relevant reporting channel as per the published process
  • Compile factual and comprehensive report(s) on student performance and / or participate in any meeting(s), skill development courses as directed by the Training Manager.
  • Participates in creation of curricula and courseware where required.
  • Other required administrative duties (completes training records, recommends remedial training when necessary, track own instructional qualifications, etc.)
  • Any relevant duties / tasks as assigned by the Training Manager
  • SI reports directly to Training Manager


Qualifications and Skills:

  • Holder of / Have held an ICAO recognized ATPL with minimum ICAO English level 5 
  • Preference for Holding a DGCA approved instructor rating.
  • Preference for candidate with previous experience as a TRI/TRE/FSI/FSE 
  • Previous Command experience on narrow body / wide body jets.
  • Knowledge and experience of APQ/EBT/ CBTA / IEC. 
  • Basic IT skills and familiarity with MS Office suite of applications.