Co-Ordination Officer

Last updated: 3 hours ago
Expires: 3 weeks from now
Job Role:
Aircraft type:
Boeing B777

Job description

CAE Parc are excited to be seeking a Co-Ordinator for China Central Airlines - based in Paris, France.


1.Responsible for implementing daily ground service-related tasks and monitoring flight operations.

2.Ensuring the smooth and continuous operation of local airport support for inbound and outbound flights.

3.Disseminating information about abnormal flight situations and emergency notifications while coordinating support for normal flights.

4.Ensuring the safe and stable operation of the local crew.

5.Assisting the Terminal Management Department in conducting preliminary investigations, inspections, demonstrations, and negotiations for various agreements.

6.Completing ground performance assessments based on various operational indicators issued by the company.

7.Analyzing all kinds of production data, examining expense documents strictly, and preparing work reports.

8.Completing other tasks assigned by superiors.

Minimum Requirements:

1. Bachelor's degree or equivalent with job-related experience

2. Proficient in French

3. Experience in overseas flight support is preferred.


CAE are excited to present a new opportunity as a Co-Ordination Officer with China Central Airlines