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Ground Operations Regulatory Manager

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Job Role:
Airport, Operations, Management, Office, operations
Aircraft type:
Airbus A330 - A350

Job description

The Ground Operations Regulatory Manager (GORM) reports to the Director Ground Operations and is responsible for the Ground Operations management system activity in the department to ensure Ground Operations remains safe, compliant, and valid. The GORM may also act as the Deputy Nominated Person for Ground Operations.


Contract:             Permanent

Location:              Maleth Aero Offices, Malta

Hours:                   Office Working Times and other requirements around travel and operations


Key Accountabilities and responsibilities


  • Responsible for the Safety & Compliance pillar of the Ground Operations Department.
  • Manage the Ground Operations Manual and other departmental procedures and documentation as instructions on performing the ground operations activity of the organisation.
  • Manage the Ground Operations systems (such as internal libraries, notices, AHM 560, mass and balance systems, etc.) on behalf of the DGO to ensure technical capability is assured.
  • Ensure the Ground Operations technical library is updated to latest revisions and changes are communicated within the organisation.
  • Act as a Dangerous Goods Coordinator in the organisation, performing DGR acceptance and checking and ensuring the company DGR procedures remain valid and effective.
  • Perform departmental audits of internal procedures to ensure continued compliance with regulatory and internal standards.
  • Coordinate the administration, execution and recording of the Ground Operations Safety Activity Group performed every quarter as part of the company SMS.
  • Manage the Ground Operations Safety Risk Register within the department so that all departmental risks can be managed effectively.
  • Assist in the completion of Ground Operations Safety Investigations, with the Safety Team, to ensure satisfactorily completion so that learnings can be obtained from all safety events.
  • Ensure the implementation of safety recommendations, where applicable, across the operational functional area.




  • The ideal candidate will be an individual who puts safety and operational excellence above all else in their daily tasks.
  • Experience in airline operations, such as OCC, Planning or Ground Operations is essential.
  • Management experience in airline Ground Operations, or similar operational functions, is highly desirable.
  • Must have proficient knowledge of regulations and regulatory structures, including IATA IGOM, EASA and IOSA, and SMS requirements.
  • Candidate must exhibit our Safety Behaviours as part of our SMS:

We stop immediately when we are concerned about safety.

We comply with rules and strictly follow standard procedures.

We always check and confirm; we never rely on assumptions.

We promptly communicate information without omission to ensure safety.

We will build, defend, and improve our Positive Safety Culture.

We act and react to problems and safety information quickly and appropriately.

We always report safety concerns, feedback, and ways to improve.

We show integrity, professionalism and be willing to challenge when safety is at risk.

  • Well-developed interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Ability to delegate work set clear direction and manage workflow.
  • Strong mentoring and coaching skills.
  • Very good negotiation, evaluation, and decision-making skills.