Flight deck, First Officer / Co-Pilot

FAA King Air First Officer Internship Program in the USA - Any Nationality

Last updated: 4 weeks ago
Expires: 4 weeks ago
Job Role:
Flight deck, First Officer / Co-Pilot
Aircraft type:
Beechcraft & King Air Series
United States

Job description

FAA King Air First Officer Internship in the USA for 500 hours on the King Air 200 or 350.

2 classes with FAA type rating course starting in September and November 2023.


  • Any Nationality
  • FAA Commercial Pilot License with Instrument and Multiengine Ratings
  • FAA First Class Medical
  • FCC Radio Operator License (can be obtained prior to starting the type rating course)
  • No Age Requirement
  • 500 Hours Total Flight Time
    • Pilots with less than 500 TT can apply and pending satisfactory online video interviews with the air carrier's personnel, will then be able to complete the missing hours to reach 500 with the facility of their choice at their own expense before starting the type rating course.
  • Training Fee