Flight deck, First Officer / Co-Pilot

First Officer A330

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Expires: 3 weeks from now
Job Role:
Flight deck, First Officer / Co-Pilot
Aircraft type:
Airbus A330 - A350

Job description

About us…

Air Belgium is a fresh thinking Belgian airline operating quality intercontinental flights at attractive fares to and from Belgium. Besides regular passenger flights, the airline offers air cargo, freighter, ACMI and on-demand charters services. 

The company’s motto is: “Comfort, service and well-being without compromise.” As a result, the airline provides a clear and straightforward offer, transparent pricing and a friendly atmosphere. 

Belgium is famous for its warm welcome, quality of life and fantastic produce, right in the heart of Europe. Air Belgium is proud to represent its nation in all its ‘Belgian-ness’, with a sense of pride that is tinged with modesty, self-deprecation and know-how. Open and quirky (but serious, nonetheless), the company always takes care of its passengers, which is why its team is made up entirely of seasoned professionals whose single goal is to offer a quite simply unforgettable travel in Belgian class. 

Two new generation Airbus A330-900neo are joining Air Belgium’s fleet. These new aircraft are offering even greater flight experiences with the latest technologies on board and better environmental performances.  

Purpose of the position...

  •  As a flight crew member, your first responsibility consists in taking the passengers on board of a flight to their destination within the highest level of safety and comfort. The aim is to make sure that the passengers have the best possible flying experience.
  •  You are the face of our company, which means that through your careful, mindful and professional behaviour, you will contribute to building our collective reputation.

Main activities and responsibilities…

  •  Actively participate the flight briefings and ensure to be aware of all flight specificities
  •  Assist in proper and on time boarding according to the company standards in order to ensure the highest on time performance possible
  •  Take care of the different announcements in the appropriate languages when requested
  •  Deal with any problem, concern reported by the cabin crews or Senior Cabin Crew Member in the cabin and agree on the necessary actions to take with the Captain in command
  •  Address any safety and security related problem during the flight by applying the relevant procedures in agreement with the Captain
  •  Act as an Air Belgium Ambassador and promote our values towards the customers
  •  Ensure efficient teamwork and help your colleagues where needed.


  •  Any other duties that aim to the achievement of the company objectives within individual competences.
  •  Display a positive, open and cooperative behaviour in order to facilitate a good relationship inside the team, avoid and help solve conflicts.
  •  Comply with Company and Safety policies, values and ethics.
  •  Comply with local, national legislations and health & safety standards.
  •  Report to hierarchy any hazards, non-compliances and risks whether to employees or to the company.
Requirements and qualifications
  •  Hold a valid EASA CPL/IR or ATPL.
  •  Have a valid type rating with valid IR rating.
  •  Acquired 1000hrs on A320/330/340/350/380.
  •  Acquired 1500hrs on aircraft with MTOW of more than 44 tons.
  •  ELP level 5 or better.
  •  Having the right to work and live in Belgium.
  •  Have all required vaccinations including COVID-19 vaccination.

Please note that the above mentioned ratings must be present or were endorsed on your EASA license.