Flight deck, First Officer / Co-Pilot

JUL-AUG-SEP EASA A320 Type Rating with 500 Hour First Officer Employment Program and Excellent Permanent Employment Opportunity for Low Time Non-Type Rated Pilots

Last updated: 1 week ago
Expires: 3 weeks from now
Job Role:
Flight deck, First Officer / Co-Pilot
Aircraft type:
Airbus A320 Family

Job description

EASA A320 Type Rating & Aircraft Base Training with Options to Start the Simulator Phase of the Type Rating Course in July, August or September 2023


A320 First Officer Line Flying for 500 Hours with an EASA Partner Airline while under an Employment Contract also Including Single Occupancy Housing and a Duty Pattern with Air Travel

High Chance of Employment: Strong Intent and History of the Partner Airline to Offer Permanent Employment During or Upon Program Completion + Employment Opportunities with Various Airlines During and after the Program

For the past 27 years, Eagle Jet International has specialized in providing A320 First Officer experience and employment with its network of contracted EASA partner airlines to EU pilots holding the EASA license. Pilots are able to secure employment with various airlines during or upon program completion. No other company has our expertise when it comes to low time pilots' 500 hour EASA A320 First Officer programs and employment in Europe.

This program gives EU passport holders who hold the EASA Frozen ATPL the opportunity to complete the EASA A320 type rating and aircraft base training with our partner ATO followed by EASA Airline A320 First Officer line flying for 500 hours while under an employment contract giving pilots access to a wide range of A320 First Officer employment opportunities.

Pilots are legally guaranteed to complete one of Eagle Jet International's EASA partner airlines adapted A320 simulator check upon completion of the type rating course with the EASA ATO partner. Pilots are also legally guaranteed a second adapted A320 simulator check with another partner airline if necessary.  Pilots then complete the EASA Airline Operator Conversion Course and 500 hours as an A320 First Officer while under an employment contract.

During or upon completion of the program, pilots are considered by most same partner airlines they have been flying with for permanent or contracted employment. Many airlines are also hiring pilots with at least 300 hours on type (even often with 100 or 200 hours on type) and pilots are also able to attend the employment screening of various A320 airlines while attending the program thanks to the on type experience pilots are provided with during the program.



  • European Union Passport
  • EASA Frozen ATPL
  • MCC Certificate (can be completed before starting the type rating course)
  • A-UPRT Certificate (can be completed before starting the type rating course)
  • EASA First Class Medical
  • ICAO English Level 4 or Higher
  • No Minimum Flight Time Requirement
  • Training Fee

Pilots with expired documents can apply and will need to renew expired documents before the start of the EASA A320 type rating course (no need to renew the IR and ME).