Technical and Engineering, Engineering general

Sheet metal workers

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Technical and Engineering, Engineering general
Aircraft type:
Airbus A320 Family, Airbus A330 - A350, Boeing B737 CL, Boeing B737 NG, Boeing B787, Boeing B737 MAX

Job description

Sheet metal workers, opportunities for long term involvement in our projects!

Reading and interpreting blueprints and technical drawings: Sheet metal workers must understand how to read and interpret technical drawings in order to determine the proper materials, tools, and techniques needed for each job.

Selecting and using tools and equipment: Sheet metal workers must be proficient in using a variety of hand and power tools, such as saws, shears, and welding equipment, to fabricate and install metal products.

Cutting, shaping, and joining metal pieces: Sheet metal workers must have the ability to cut and shape metal pieces to the proper specifications, and join them together using techniques such as welding, soldering, and riveting.

Installing metal products and structures: Sheet metal workers install metal products, such as ductwork, roofing, and siding, in a variety of settings, including commercial and residential buildings, industrial facilities, and ships.

Repairing metal products and structures: Sheet metal workers also repair metal products and structures that have been damaged due to wear and tear or other factors.

Following safety procedures: Sheet metal work can be hazardous, so it is important for workers to follow proper safety procedures, such as wearing protective clothing and equipment, and adhering to OSHA regulations.

Maintaining equipment: Sheet metal workers must also maintain and repair their tools and equipment to ensure that they are in good working condition.

Sheet metal workers use a variety of tools and equipment in order to fabricate, install, and repair metal products and structures. It is important for sheet metal workers to be proficient in using these tools and equipment in order to produce high-quality work that meets the specifications and requirements of each job.



European Passport / ID required

Base maintenance

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