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Manager, Data Systems Analytics - Flight Data Analysis

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Airport, Operations, Management, Office, operations
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Responsible to the FDA Senior Manager, Flight Data Services for the day-to-day operation of the Flight Data Analysis Laboratory, IT resources and hardware equipment.  This complex role includes oversight and management of all FDA system resources, playback and FDA reporting tools for Air Canada and External Clients; the design, development and execution of comprehensive IT and security audits on all FDA systems and links to third party applications; the provision of FDA and IT support to Business Intelligence, Maintenance and other users of FDA; the provision of FDA data as defined and approved; coordinating with the FDA Manager, IT and Data Services to develop and maintain FDA SQL database links to the Corporate BI Database; and, for integrating third-party databases with the FDA system and overseeing all data mining and data query applications.  This manager will also assume specific tasks for receiving, processing, conducting, reviewing and reporting on all flight data analysis work for specific FDA Fleets.
Key Functions:
  • Responsibility (utilization of company assets) 
  • Execute full management and control of IT systems, hardware and software resources and ensuring these resources are fully operational for the FDA Team; 
  • Plan, procure, develop and manage all required resources within the Flight Data Analysis laboratory including managing all computer systems, unique hardware, desktops, laptops, the internal network and wireless system and all server equipment;  
  • Manage system software, including operating systems and anti-virus programs, and set-ups as well as monitoring all systems and processes to ensure system operations and integrity.  Lead discussions with the Managed Service Provider to keep all systems current and operational; 
  • Manage and direct all required technical activities due to contractual provisions that restrict AC IT resources from accessing or supporting FDA; fully assume this responsibility for FDA;  
  • Upgrade, improve, modernize and to deploy the means to oversee all FDA resources, equipment and processes to manage and collect flight data from the Flight Data Analysis fleets; 
  • Design, develop and modernize, as technology allows, the processes to analyze flight data and identifying adverse trends and safety issues; 
  • Provide a unique, robust and comprehensive means to manage the processes and track the success of data transfers and notifications for Air Canada Maintenance regarding aircraft faults and deviations regarding aircraft systems; 
  • Provide guidance, direction and advice to the Air Canada Gatekeepers regarding the sensitive exceedance flights requiring further review; 
  • Design, develop and deploy unique software applications and improvements to enhance the basic Flight Data Analysis Program, including projects such as the enhancement of cockpit animation displays using unique Air Canada parametric data; 
  • Manage, improve and update Air Canada Flight Data Analysis aircraft data maps and recommend and coordinate suggested changes and improvements to the full range of data maps; 
  • Direct and manage the development of the FDAAS (Flight Data Analysis Application Suite).  This application coordinates and links all aspects of the FDA program ranging from manual to wireless aircraft data inputs to flight review, threat analysis and flights of interest follow up. This is a critical tool and allows FDA to operate; 
  • Direct and manage the FDA “Application Suite Help” to describe, in detail, the operation and functions of the FDAAS system.  Manage and revise the tool and provide direct support and assistance to users;  
  • Direct and manage the development of the of the Maintenance Request application to support and document all interaction between FDA and the Maintenance organization; 
  • Manage and support the operation of the “Animatrak” to record and manage flight data animation requests that can be used for flight safety investigation or for crew debriefings; 
  • Manage the technical process governing the entry of inputs and evidence from the FDA Analysts and Pilot Gatekeepers concerning the daily flight review.  Manage the identification of safety trends and employ this data to support Fleet Meetings and Flight Operations Safety Board; 
  • Direct, manage and execute requests from other FDA team members and senior management for additions and changes to data analysis programming, websites and third party software; 
  • Manage the Flight Data Analysis Program’s specific fleet event set and master list of parameters and direct and manage required changes to these documents and programs; 
  • Direct and develop unique weekly, monthly, quarterly and ongoing system reports tailored to the needs and requirements of Air Canada, Senior Management, Flight Operations, Maintenance, Business Intelligence and other clients; 
  • Develop and present comprehensive briefings, including recommendations and suggested operational improvements, to Senior Management, Fleet Managers and selected audiences concerning Flight Data Analysis findings, risks and concerns; 
  • Manage the process to ensure a 24/7 capability to respond to unexpected / short notice taskings for data analysis and maintenance reviews to prevent unnecessary aircraft downtime and operational delays; 
  • Manage the FDA Service contract with the Vendor Staff regarding work products and audit the quality of the Vendor’s work and support services, as appropriate, on an ongoing basis; 
  • Approve, establish and manage a series of coordinated briefings, visits and inspections of the Flight Data Analysis Department as required; 
  • Lead, direct and manage all aspects of FDA Program Security including monitoring the actions of internal and vendor staff, data access requests, sharing of data and data usage to ensure the Program remains in full compliance with the Air Canada–Air Canada Pilot Association MOU, established and agreed principles and standard operating protocols. Develop, deploy and manage IT security audits on the Operating System and related FDA software as appropriate; 
  • Manage the provision of direct FDA IT and software support to FDA and non-FDA staff, including Maintenance, Flight Operations, Business Intelligence and ACPA personnel, in order that these Departments can effectively employ FDA resources. Design and Develop lesson plans to assist Business Intelligence, Maintenance and Fleet staff to performing data mining / data query operations as appropriate;  
  • Manage the process to develop tailored Flight Data solutions for internal and external clients such as developing a comprehensive event set to monitor specific maintenance issues on FDA monitored Fleets; 
  • Be responsible for and manage the processes to control the distribution and renewal/refreshment of documents and web pages that disseminate analysis tools, manuals and reports used in Flight Data Analysis; 
  • Design, develop and manage the appropriate linkages for FDA to support and share data/resources with the Company IT resources including any Centralized Database/Data Warehouse, the Data Lake and selected programs including LIDO, Jeppesen, Crew Rostering, Safety (AQD) and Fatigue Risk Management, amongst others, while maintaining strict adherence to the FDA confidentiality requirements; 
  • Manage the process to track data use, sharing and access requests and ensure a proper audit trail and cost summary is established for each such request;  
  • Manage the process to develop Flight Safety Awareness products, including charts, presentations and written correspondence and articles as may be appropriate, that arise due to the Flight Data Analysis Program;  
  • Design, develop and manage the FDA web site. Develop a complimentary capability to push awareness, FDA and educational materials to crews via tablet technologies when appropriate;   
  • Design, direct and manage a secure means to support pilot debriefings via the FDA Internet and pilot iPad devices. Secure graphical data for animations and ensure data protections to meet and exceed FDA obligations; 
  • Direct, oversee, monitor, maintain, manipulate and alter ASP.NET website programming for in-house website; 
  • Serve as the FDA technical expert managing all FDA software and departmental duties and be fully trained and competent to carry out “Daily Flight Data Analysis validation” on Airbus and Boeing fleets.  This task will require support everyday and so a rotational weekend schedule will be imposed. Provide training to FDA staff, pilots and IT staff where required; and  
  • Provide knowledge, expertise and support to Industry, National Investigative and Regulatory Agencies (notably TSBC and TCCA) and Star Partners concerning Flight Data Analysis efforts, improvements, practices and operations in an effort to incorporate best industry practices and find improvements in the operation of the program.


  • Education: Grade 12 minimum; university or college diploma preferred with emphasis on mathematics, computer science and/or engineering.  
  • Licence(s), attestation(s), certification(s), association(s) required 
  • Have or have held aviation industry professional license, e.g., airline pilot license, Flight Engineer License, AME license or have equivalent military flight experience. 
  • Must have formal IT training and be qualified to operate and support IT networks 
  • Must be proficient, understand and code using on of the “C” family of computer programming languages, preferably C#. 
  • Know or be able to quickly master the C# language. 
  • Must have web page programming skills including abilities in JavaScript, HTML, ASP NET, SQL, and CSS and be able to monitor and manage web site installations in Internet Information Services. 
  • Must be able to manipulate and manage a Microsoft SQL Server installation and be familiar with the Visual Studio development environment. 
  • Management Development training is desired 
  • Linguistic requirements (Proficiency level 1-4)  
  • Level 4 – English 
  • Level 2 – French, level 3 is preferred 
  • Depth of skills and expertise required for the position 
  • Level 6 - Have or have held management positions within a Part 705 Canadian Air Operator or equivalent; Management experience shall include budgeting, project management oversight and human resources issues. Two years of experience with a Part 705 Canadian Air Operator and as a qualified Flight Safety Manager or equivalent experience in a Government or Military environment. Must have experience in the field of Flight Data Analysis with specific knowledge of Flight Data Monitoring Programs, software and practices; must have advanced knowledge and skill with Flight Data Management software and program tools. Must have demonstrated understanding of computer networks, systems and server operations. Must have a demonstrated ability to quickly master unique and complicated Aviation software suites with a minimum of training. Must understand flight data traces, raw engineering data and be able to relate this information to flight events and parameters.  
  • Breadth (the scope) of skills and expertise required for the position 
  • Level 5 – At least 2 years operational management experience with a Part 704 or Part 705 Canadian Air Operator or applicable Government Department in the following areas: Flight Operations (including Flight Safety) and Maintenance (Technical) Operations. 
  • Level 5 – At least 2 years operational experience in a management capacity in an approved Flight Safety Program. Experience in the management or operation of a Flight Data Monitoring Program is required.  
  • Range of business/industry knowledge required for the position 
  • Level 5 – Knowledge of Canadian Aviation Regulations and Commercial Air Services Standards, ICAO Annexes, FARs, Star Alliance Best Practices and JAR-Ops with specific applications regarding Flight Safety. In depth knowledge of 705 operations. Must have proven skills within Flight Safety, Flight Operations and Maintenance with appropriate certifications or proof of such education and capability. Must have proven superior interpersonal skills, writing skills and leadership capabilities.  
  • Criticality: Level 5 – position is critical and required to satisfy existing ICAO, IATA/IOSA and pending Transport Canada legislation, as well as established Star Alliance commitments, to Flight Data Monitoring.  
  • Scarcity: Level 6 – operational background, with specific expertise in Flight Safety and Flight Data Monitoring is extremely difficult to secure given the developments in this specialized Flight Safety field.
  • May act as the Senior Manager Flight Data Services in the absence of the incumbent. 
  • Acting appointments are normally assigned via direct task and internal notification, adjustment of duty rosters and/or via internal memorandum. Assignment may also be directed via e-mail or alternate means (ACARS) when operational circumstances so dictate. Delegation will be in accordance with the Safety Management Manual. 
Conditions of Employment:
  • Candidates must be eligible to work in the country of interest, at the time any offer of employment is made and seeking any required work permits/visas or other authorizations which may be required is the sole responsibility of the candidates applying for this position.
Linguistic Requirements

Based on equal qualifications, preference will be given to bilingual candidates. 
Diversity and Inclusion
Air Canada is strongly committed to Diversity and Inclusion and aims to create a healthy, accessible and rewarding work environment which highlights employees’ unique contributions to our company’s success.
As an equal opportunity employer, we welcome applications from all to help us build a diverse workforce which reflects the diversity of our customers, and communities, in which we live and serve.

Air Canada thanks all candidates for their interest; however only those selected to continue in the process will be contacted.