Flight deck, First Officer / Co-Pilot

A320 FOs New Improved Salary Package

Last updated: 9 months ago
Expires: 9 months ago
Job Role:
Flight deck, First Officer / Co-Pilot
Aircraft type:
Airbus A320 Family

Job description

  • The contract is open-ended. 
  • The contract is sign 7 days before start of OCC; 
  • Low season: from 1 of November till 28th of FEB. High season: from 1 of March till 31 of October; 
  • Fix payment gets into effect from first OCC day (Per diems not included); 
  • Per diems are be paid from first LIFUS day and during operations out of the Home Base. 
  • BH-actual block hours; 
  • Standard roster pattern – 23 calendar days at Base of Operation including positioning / followed by 8 consecutive days OFF at Home base. The Airline has the right to extend standard roster pattern up to 30 (thirty) calendar days depending on the operational project terms. 
  • Standard roster pattern starts from the positioning date when Service Provider leaves his/her Home Base to perform duties at the Base of Operation as planned by the Airline. 
  • If the Airline requests an extension of the working period beyond 30 days, changes can be made only with the prior consent of the Service Provider. 
  • Company reserves the right to change any duty in a published roster where it is considered necessary due to operational needs; 
  • Not available days (N/A) can only be taken in the winter season and only after approval by Flight Operations department. During summer season no N/A days are available; 
  • No payment is provided during N/A days; 
  • Each pilot must choose ONE HOME BASE; 
  • Duty related tickets to/from home base are provided from the nearest EU INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT; 
  • Positioning tickets to/from home base are provided by the company; 
  • The accident and health insurance are provided by the company when out of home base; 
  • In case of sick leave and providing proving documents, the full fixed payment remains up to 10 days per calendar year. Severe illness cases that occur on operational base while performing duties (such as covid etc.) and until travel to home base is arranged, will be covered as per Company instructions. Proving documents shall be provided; 
  • The Company provides license proficiency check (LPC) for duties within Airline. Applies for EASA license holders ONLY. This does not include any payment to related CAA by the company. It is a pilot’s responsibility to cover any CAA’s costs related to LPC; 
  • No additional payment for reserves/positioning/stand by or etc. provided; 
  • No additional yearly holidays are planned and no additional payment is provided; 
  • Each part has the right to terminate the contract with the notice period of 30 days; 


·  Minimum 500 hours on type (A320)

·  Valid EASA Part-FCL licence with ATPL theory knowledge;

·  Valid A320 type rating;

·  Valid Class 1 medical;

·  Minimum ICAO level 4 English proficiency;

·  Right to live and work in EU;

·  Criminal free record.