Pilot, First Officer / Co-Pilot

Airline or Executive Pilot Career in the USA Starting April 2023

Last updated: 1 month ago
Expires: 2 weeks ago
Job Role:
Pilot, First Officer / Co-Pilot
Aircraft type:
Other Civil Aviation
United States

Job description

In view of the current severe shortage of pilots in the USA and at least for the near future, Eagle Jet International is now proposing a path to access the airline and executive pilot employment market in the USA with a work authorization. 

The path requires to obtain an Aviation Associate degree by attending a 1 year Aviation College with the option to work as a flight instructor while attending college classes.

**Limited Positions Available**

Window of Application is Closing on January 15, 2023 to start classes in the USA in April 2023


  • Available to pilots of any nationality with any flight experience (beginners to senior airline captains)
  • Available to pilots with any flight experience (beginners to senior airline captains)