Pilot, Captain / Commander


Last updated: 2 months ago
Expires: 1 week ago
Job Role:
Pilot, Captain / Commander
Aircraft type:
Airbus A330 - A350

Job description

  • Formulate a flight plan
  • Conduct all pre-flight checks to ensure safety
  • Communicate with air traffic control to request for landing and take-off, or report any information on the flight plan.
  • Check all the cockpit instruments to ensure proper functioning.
  • Observe the weather conditions, aircraft position, and air traffic regularly during the flight and request a change of flight plan if needed.
  • Collaborate with flight attendants to ensure passengers are following all the rules and regulations onboard.
  • File reports of the flight trip and status of aircraft before and after landing


1. Flight time requirements (minimum):
• All aircraft: 6,000hrs
• A330: 2,500hrs as PIC and 500hrs on type
2. General requirements:
• Maximum age 63 (Male) and 58 (Female
• Valid ATPL with current A320F / A330 type rating
• Certificate of Upset Recovery Training in Full Flight Simulator
• Valid Instrument Rating and Aircraft Rating
• Last flight on type must be within 12 months for Captains during the licensing period
• Valid Class 1 Medical (According to Vietnam Aviation Regulations)
• Letter of authentication from the Civil Aviation Authority of CPL/ATPL's country of origin (with Name and email address of CAA Licensing Officer)
• Recommendation Letter / Release Letter from previous airlines
• Criminal Record within 6 months (notarized by Vietnam embassy from the country of origin)
• No history of Accident / Incident within 5 years
• Last 5 pages of logbook
• ICAO English Level 4 or higher
• Passport scan with 01-year validity