Pilot, First Officer / Co-Pilot

Co-pilot of Boeing 757/767

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Job Role:
Pilot, First Officer / Co-Pilot
Aircraft type:
Boeing B757 - B767

Job description

During the flight the F/O shall ensure that the aircraft is operated in accordance with the rules of the air, the AFM, FCOM and the OM.

First Officer receives his orders from the PIC and performs his duties under the supervision of the PIC. He supports the PIC in planning and conducting the flight. He assists the PIC in the management of the cockpit work by:

  • Performing a well-balanced task distribution;
  • Systematic co-operation and exchange of information; and
  • Monitoring the flight progress and aircraft systems by following the company Standard Operating Procedures as stated in FCOM.

The following are the other duties of the F/O:

  • He is familiar with routes, aerodromes, navaids. ATC, radio frequencies, approach, landing and takeoff routings.
  • He warns the PIC about aircraft on the ground which may affect flight operation and the orders given by ATC.
  • He participates in the duty briefing conducted by the PIC.
  • He checks NOTAM's and weather. Notices wind condition, icing and other weather conditions, listens to appropriate frequencies and makes radio communication, prepare flight forms, follows improvement of weather, warns the PIC about unusual circumstances in flight.
  • Prepares flight forms, follows improvement of weather, warns the PIC about unusual circumstances in flight.
  • In case of incapacitation of the PIC he takes over PIC's duties and lands as soon as possible at the nearest suitable using maximum aircraft automations airfield.
  • He is an assistant of the PIC, he is responsible of crew and aircraft in his absence.
  • Accomplishes PF or PNF duties according to the PICs decision.
  • While applying the decisions given by the PIC, he also helps the PIC with suggestions in terms of aircraft safety and handling.
  • He is also responsible of accomplishing the duties for himself in addition to duties given by OM, AOM and SOP and requested by the PIC.
  • Irregularities, deficiencies related with the company in general subjects, all cases where a safe flight was hindered will be reported to Deputy Executive Director on Flight Operations - Flight  Operations Director and Flight Safety Department by the First Officer.

Duties Prior to Flight:

  • If necessary, prepares, and checks for completeness and correctness the operational flight plan, the weight and balance calculation (load sheet) and the takeoff data;
  • Checks that the ATS flight plan has been filed;
  • Obtains the recent valid NOTAM's and weather briefing for evaluation by the PIC  (informs him about the contents of the briefing and possibly resulting changes)
  • Checks the technical logbook to verify the technical status of the aircraft;
  • Checks the amount of fuel, oil and hydraulic fluids;
  • Performs the exterior check of the aircraft on request by the PIC and the interior check according to the valid checklist;
  • Airworthiness of the aircraft, ship documentation, onboard library specifications.  Checks completeness of all documentation (hard or electronic) onboard the aircraft.

In-Flight Duties:

  • Supports the PIC;
  • Performs radio communications according to applicable rules and regulations and to the PIC's instructions;
  • Files the documents according to the rules and regulations;
  • In case he is PF, the PIC takes over point 2 and 3.
  • Informing the PIC about abnormal conditions of the flight.

Duties after Flight:

  • Supports the PIC in completing the flight documents;
  • Supervises the refuelling, or after final landing
  • Puts in good order all manuals, maps and charts of the flight deck library.
  • After each flight the first officer or maintenance crew must have post flight inspection


  • Must have valid 1st class medical certificate
  • Must have  EASA  or  FAA  valid  CPL (ATPL) ( or Azerbaijan SCAA approved licence )
  • Minimum  total more than 500 flight  hours
  • Minimum  on  type  500 flight  hours
  • Minimum english level 4