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Important! This job ad is no longer active
Last updated: 2020-10-28
Valid to: 2020-11-30
Job Role:
Airport and Ground Staff, Cargo Services
Job description

We are looking for Loadmaster/ cargo masters/ transporters of cargo to start immediately. This is a long-term contract.

Pay package: Around/over $3000 PM.

With benefits of holidays, leaves, per diem, housing, transportation, overtime, insurances.

Please read below requirements carefully to match your experience the best (ideally to provide a cover letter with below points).

  • At least 3-5 or over with number of years of experience in working with cargo operations. Experience at managing the loading/refilling/boarding of cargo aircraft. Please specify which types of aircraft are you experienced at when applying.
  • Having experience and skills about planning and handling of tasks to ensure the cleanliness, safety and efficiency of the next flight and:

Guiding the aircraft into and out of the parking position (by way of aircraft marshalling),
Towing with pushback tractors
Lavatory drainage
Water cartage (typically non-potable for lavatory sink use)
Air conditioning (more common for smaller aircraft)
Airstart units (for starting engines)
Luggage handling, usually by means of beltloaders and baggage carts
Gate checked luggage, often handled on the tarmac as passengers disembark
Air cargo handling, usually by means of cargo dollies and cargo loaders
Catering trucks
Refueling, which may be done with a refueling tanker truck or refueling pumper
Ground power (so that engines need not be running to provide aircraft power on the ground)
Passenger stairs (used instead of an aerobridge or airstairs, some budget airlines use both to improve turnaround speed)
Wheelchair lifts, if required
Hydraulic mules (units that provide hydraulic power to an aircraft externally)

The correct coordination of all of the resources involved to ensure the punctuality of the flight and keep the passengers waiting as little as possible.
Impeccable maintenance, so that the journey is free of incidents and the plane lands on time at its next destination.

  • Previous experience preparing cargo for cargo container ships for supporting goods or containers.
  • Holding certificate of IATA DGs.
  • Had thorough training and experience in aircraft weight & balance principles and application.
  • Will be an advantage to be fluent in different languages. please specify on CV about languages you know (And which level of each language)
  • Used to conduct Loadmaster training course(s).
  • Please specify with your experience of loadmasters with militaries and civilian airlines.