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Last updated: 2020-03-16
Valid to: 2020-06-30
Job Role:
Maintenance Repair Operations, Structures & Stress Engineer
Aircraft type:
Airbus A320 Family, Boeing B737 NG
Job description

1) Responsible for the technical support of structural or composite engineering management, structural or composite repair and modification work of each model.
2) Responsible for the evaluation and preparation of the corresponding engineering technical documents and the preparation of the aircraft structural or composite repair instructions;
3) Responsible for the establishment, maintenance and management of the structural or composite management status of each model and the repair status file of the single structure;
4) Responsible for engineering technology investigation, evaluation and analysis of major problems in aircraft structural or composite maintenance, and propose revision proposals for maintenance plans and other related measures;
5) Store all types of confidential information distributed to the company by itself in the manner provided by the company;
6) Ensure that all kinds of production materials assigned to the company by the company can be used safely and properly;
7) It can ensure that the work meets the requirements of occupational safety and health / environmental protection / civil protection / fire safety and company regulations;
8) Responsible for the preparation of internal technical documents such as technical notices and maintenance work implementation documents (AD/SB/SL, etc.);
9) It can complete the preparation of documents such as repair reports and other modifications required during the maintenance process within the scope of work in charge and is responsible for the approval of the documents.
10) According to the work order / maintenance contract requirements, can assist in the preparation and start of maintenance engineering tasks within the scope of work under the jurisdiction;
11) Responsible for contact with aircraft manufacturers or original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) within the scope of their work;
12) Responsible for the implementation of technical support and technical investigation within the professional scope;
13) Responsible for evaluating tools and equipment;
14) Create technical solutions/work order cards and related documents within the scope of the professional work under the jurisdiction.
15) Ensure the correctness of the information provided;
16) It is possible to implement the tasks assigned to the company and superiors in a timely and correct manner;


1) Education: College or above (inclusive);
2)At least 3 years of Airlines/Aircraft MRO line/base maintenance work experience, such as more than 1 years of maintenance engineering as Structure & Composite work experience;
3) Familiar with aircraft construction, development rules, maintenance technology, and technical status control of parts;
4) Hold a valid CAAC 66 STR license and have the corresponding model Airbus A319/A320/A321 CFM/V2500 or / and Boeing B737-600/700/800/900 training certification;
5) Familiar with the maintenance and production activities of CCAR-145 maintenance activity;
6) Good analytical and computational skills;
7) Have effective organizational, analytical and planning skills;
8) English language (CET-4), fluent in oral communication;
9) Ability to coordinate maintenance schedules and maintenance schedules with relevant units;

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