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Important! This job ad is no longer active
Job Role:
Office, Other
United Arab Emirates
Job description

1.Develop and control an Aircraft maintenance program (AMP) for the aircraft managed, including any applicable reliability program (if applicable)
2.Present the aircraft maintenance program and its amendments to the GCAA for approval.
3.Ensure that the aircraft is taken to an appropriately approved maintenance organization whenever necessary.
4.Perform technical assessment of ADs, SBs, SILs... and forward to certifying staff for his recommendations and return to planning for scheduling.
5.Ensure that the weight and balance statement reflects the current status of the aircraft.
6.Ensure that all approval modifications, repairs and alterations using approved maintenance data (e.g. STC)
7.Ensure that all maintenance is carried out in accordance with the approved maintenance program.
8.Ensure that all applicable airworthiness directives and operational directives with a continuing airworthiness impact, are applied
9.Ensure that all defects discovered during scheduled maintenance or reported are corrected by an appropriately approved maintenance organization,
10.Monitor all maintenance faults, repeated snags, malfunctions, defects, deferred defects and other occurrences which could affect the continuing airworthiness of aircrafts.
11.Review the MMEL in conjunction with Flight Operations, Up Date, process and finalize the MEL revision for maintenance items, and finally obtain GCAA approval.
12.Follow up the deferred items Defects (in accordance with the applicable current aircraft MEL)
13.Maintain a record of accomplished and outstanding mandatory requirements.
14.All Technical, Planning and Technical Records functions for customer fleets - M.708.
15.Maintain an accurate system of aircraft technical records (Aircraft , Engine & Propeller Log Books).
16.Maintain an accurate record of Aircraft, Engine & Propeller Hours & Cycles flown to ensure that planned maintenance is scheduled within approved time limitation.
17.Manage, keep and archive (control of the archive M.305/306) all continuing airworthiness records and/or operator’s technical log for periods imposed by GCAA
18.Ensure that Technical Logs are retained in accordance with the requirements M.306.
19.Prepare, keep and distribute short and long term scheduled maintenance and overhaul forecast for airframe, engine and components.
20.Prepare the scheduled maintenance packages (work cards and tasks), in accordance with the aircraft maintenance schedule, and forward to production. After accomplishment of the work, receives accomplished package with the associated CRS and sign-offs.
21.Plan the implementation of ADs, alert and recommended SBs, modifications, and optional SBs as per recommendation from Engineering or advisory or any other approved engineering document per type to ensure the time limit is not exceeded as per issuing authority or manufacturer’s instructions.
22.Prepare maintenance work packages consisting of Scheduled Maintenance, Out of Phase, Routine Cards and Advisories and keep an updated record.
23.Monitors and follow up scheduled and unscheduled work during aircraft base maintenance.
24.Monitor that any life-limited part installed on an aircraft/component meets the applicable airworthiness standards are incorporated into the technical record for the aircraft/component.
25.Monitor, schedule, keep an updated records and follow up on the accomplishment of all on condition items, condition monitored items, life limited parts, time controlled items as defined by the relative aircraft maintenance program.
26.Monitor and keep an accurate record of Carry Forward items and re-schedule as necessary
27.Continuous monitoring and updating of all computerized planning tools (TLT.) as well as maintaining subscriptions valid.


•Engineering Degree or AME Diploma
•7 years of experience in a CAMO, AMO environment with similar aircraft type with Aircraft Maintenance Management
•Trainings of UAE GCAA CAR-M Subpart G and Subpart I, CAR-145, CAR-21, CAR-66, SMS, CAR-Ops, CAR-MEL, CAR-147 etc
•Proficient in the use of all Microsoft Office packages
•Trainings of Human factors, Fuel Tank Safety, Electric Wiring Interface System, SMS, CDCCL, Airworthiness Limitations, Planning & Reliability etc
•Aircraft familiarization and / or type training is preferable

•Knowledge of software like CAMP, CMP, Cesscom etc.