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Important! This job ad is no longer active
Job Role:
Pilot, Captain / Commander
Aircraft type:
Airbus A320 Family
Job description


The following benefits are paid in local currency (JPY) but are estimated here in USD so, figures may be subject to change as per currency fluctuations.

  • Base Salary (60 Block Hours): 1,110.000 JPY around to $10,323 per month approximately
  • Productivity Pay: 17,000/hr (expected 23 Block Hours) 391.000 JPY around $3,636 per month
  • Commuting Allowance: 100.000 JPY around $930 per month
  • Housing Allowance: 155,000 JPY around to $1,442 per month
  • Overnight Allowance: 5,000/day (expected 5 per month) 25,000 JPY around $233 per month
  • Gross: 1,781,000 JPY around to $16,563 around per month
  • Net Amount after Tax is expected to be 1,300,130 JPY around $12,091 per month
  • Annual Bonus: Target at 10% of Annual Salary (Subject to Jetstar Japan Incentive Plan)
  • Sign-on bonus: 2,000.000 JPY around to $18,500 (Payable in 3 instalments),TR pilots only
  • Commuting Roster available: (20 or 10 days OFF per month)
  • Staff Travel: Provided through the airline network after 6 months of service

Minimum Requirements:

  • Valid ICAO ATPL licence with A320 Rating
  • Type Rated Pilots: 4,000 hrs TT with 1,000 hrs PIC and 500 on A320 family
  • Currency and last flight on A320 WITHIN 6 months
  • Valid Medical Class 1
  • ICAO English Level 5 or above

Requested Documentations:

  1. Updated CV/Resume
  2. Jetstar Application Form(please request)
  3. Copy of Passport
  4. Copy of valid ICAO License( with ICAO Radio License, ICAO English Language Proficiency)
  5. Copy of valid Class 1 Medical Report
  6. Flight Log Book (Latest 60hrs of Logbook)