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Last updated: 2019-10-21
Valid to: 2019-11-15
Job Role:
Pilot, Flight Engineer
United States
Job description
Job Role Summary Serve as a third crewmember on Company executive aircraft. Responsible for the servicing, repair, catering, and passenger care during normal operations away from home base; during abnormal or emergency situations, assisting the pilots in checklist procedures and troubleshooting systems to ensure safety of flight. When not assigned to flight duties, perform the duties of FAA certified Aircraft Maintenance Technician. Accountable for compliance with operational and controls integrity assessments, and The International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) audits. Job Role Responsibilities Flight Duty Assignments: Assigned to fly as third crewmember on Company aircraft. While so assigned, has full responsibility for technical integrity of the aircraft. Prior to all flights the FE is responsible for the release of the aircraft to the Captain as mechanically airworthy as required by Federal Aviation Regulations. He/she is also responsible for the refueling of the aircraft, ordering the catering for the flight, and ensuring the aircraft has sufficient supplies and spare parts as predicated by the mission requirements (approximately 60 % of flight assignments will be to international destinations). During taxi, takeoff and climb-out, the FE is responsible for reading the checklist and ensuring correct responses (switch selection, instrument condition, etc.) from the pilots. During these phases of flight, he/she is also responsible for monitoring cockpit instruments for abnormalities and assisting the pilots with abnormal and emergency procedures and monitoring essential and heavy radio air traffic clearances and instructions. During the cruise phase of flight, in addition to the above, the FE serves as a cabin attendant, providing for the requirements of the Company executive passengers. In the event of an emergency, the FE directly controls passengers in aircraft evacuation, providing assistance with use of life rafts and life vests, oxygen, and any other emergency response procedures that may be required. While on flight assignments away from home base, the FE performs all post-flight and pre-flight inspections of Company aircraft. While on flight assignments away from home base, the FE is directly responsible for continued airworthiness of the aircraft. In this role, he/she is responsible for the assignment and oversight of temporary personnel who may be hired to work on the aircraft. He/she also determines & authorizes necessary repairs, including the purchase of equipment required to maintain aircraft safety and airworthiness. While assigned to a trip away from home base, the FE is on 24-hour standby duty, and is available on short notice for flight assignments. Hangar duty assignments: Perform maintenance on Company aircraft to correct discrepancies and perform scheduled inspections (to include pre and post flights) in order to maintain its airworthiness status. Performs maintenance on hangar facility and support equipment as needed to maintain functionality, reliability, and safety of Company assets used in support of flight operations. On an annual basis; attends a recurrent maintenance training course, AED/CPR, and other facility and support equipment safety related topics. Determine airworthiness of aircraft and engines and has the authority to 'ground' the aircraft if not safe for flight. Other duty assignments: Annually the FE should attend a four-day simulator-training course with the pilots to practice aircraft emergency procedures and crew resource management. As directed by the Aircraft Maintenance Supervisor or the Lead Technician, perform other duties to include, but not limited to the following: maintaining currency of aircraft and engine manuals; spare parts and fixed assets inventory; collateral duty assignments; miscellaneous administrative duties. Job Requirements A. Formal Education minimum schooling: High School Diploma or equivalent FAA Airframe and Power Plant mechanics license. FAA Inspection Authorization license preferred. B. Experience amount and kind: Minimum of 3 years of corporate aviation or equivalent maintenance experience. OEM or equivalent training on current type aircraft operated by the Company. C. Other: Requires good interpersonal skills to interface directly with senior Company executives. Alternate Location: ExxonMobil is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, protected veteran status, or disability status.
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