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This Is What You Should Do If Your Flight Was Delayed Or Canceled
Aug 22, 2018
On August 17, in Paranaque City Xiamen Air Boeing 737-800 slid of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport runway. The accident led to many canceled flights. All 157 passengers and 8 crew members were stuck in the NAIA airport with other travelers.
Having Troubles With TSA Airport Security Check? These Tips Will Help
Aug 14, 2018
For some passengers the TSA line is the worst spot of the airport. And the place, where everyone always make the same mistakes. But here are some tips that will help getting through the TSA line faster and less stressful.
6 Essentials That Will Make Long Hour Flight Comfortable
Aug 08, 2018
We know that one day in the near future long hour flights will change. But at the moment we still have to adapt to the airlines and the changes they make to feel as much comfortable as we can.
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