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Plane Crash Shortly After Take-off in South Sudan
Nov 04, 2015
Read about the plane crash shortly after take-off in South Sudan. Another plane crash in Africa - a cargo plane has crashed in Juba, killing at least 41 people.
Sky Airlines Plane Engine Rips Apart During Take-off
Oct 16, 2015
Watch the scene how Sky Airlines Plane Engine Rips Apart During Take-off! It had 137 passengers on board, returned to the airport. Must see!
B747 Take-off During Heavy Rain at St Maarten
Mar 27, 2015
Take a look at the great video of Boeing B747 take-off during heavy rain at St Maarten! Some of the spotters on the beach get soaked by this huge jet!
Boeing 787-9 Impressive Combat Style Take-off
Mar 06, 2015
The brand new Boeing 787-9 shows a very amazing Combat Style takeoff. Indeed, impressive and outstanding flying display at the Farnborough Airshow 2014.
Fixed-Wing UAV Flying Vertically
Feb 27, 2015
There is the explanation of how Fixed-Wing UAV is Flying Vertically. Booms fitted with vertical lift motors and rotors. Take a look!
Amazing Air Show: A380 vertical Take-off
Jan 29, 2015
See the Amazing Air Show: A380 vertical Take-off! Amazing video, take a look!
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