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Viral Photo Shows Passengers Wearing Oxygen Masks Incorrectly
Apr 20, 2018
A picture taken from inside the Southwest Airlines plane that made an emergency landing on Tuesday is alarming aviation safety experts. Almost all of the passengers wear oxygen masks incorrectly.
Woman Gets Sucked Out Of A Plane During Southwest Flight
Apr 18, 2018
For the first time in 51 year history of Southwest Airlines the person was killed during the flight. And the incident is more than unusual. The part of the engine fell off damaging one of the windows. The women sitting next to it was partially sucked...
Woman Threatens To Kill Everyone After Smoking On Plane
Dec 12, 2017
A passenger was smoking in the bathroom somewhere between Portland and Sacramento on Saturday and had gone so far as to tamper with the smoke detector.
Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Gives Entertaining Safety Check
Nov 16, 2017
One legend of a flight attendant has become the unofficial employ of the month for the entire world for his fabulous safety demo at a US airport.
Passenger Turns Flight Departure Lounge Into Karaoke Session
Oct 18, 2017
Bored passenger turned the wait into an all out party when he grabbed the flight announcer's intercom and turned the departure lounge into a karaoke bar.
Screaming Woman is Violently Dragged off Flight
Sep 28, 2017
A 46-year-old college professor who complained of life-threatening allergies was arrested after being forcibly removed from a Southwest Airlines flight.
Airline Worker Gunned Down at Oklahoma Airport
Nov 16, 2016
A Southwest Airlines employee was shot outside Oklahoma Airport on Tuesday. He died after police closed the sprawling complex to search for his killer.
Southwest Airlines Flight Engine Explosion
Aug 30, 2016
Southwest Airlines flight bound for Orlando, Florida, made an emergency landing due to a major problem with one of its two engines.
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