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How Flight 3407 Completely Changed Aviation Safety
Feb 12, 2019
10 years ago, an unfortunate crash happened that killed 49 people onboard the Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 and 1 person on the ground. However, the aftermath of Flight 3407 completely changed aviation's safety standards. Read more:
Why It Is Important To Follow These Cabin Crew Instructions During Flights
Jun 13, 2018
If you happen to be a frequent flyer, you probably already know all the in-flight safety instructions by heart. However, each flight the cabin crew seek the attention of the passengers in order to present all the things you should know during the fli...
The 5 Best Airline Safety Videos
Jul 20, 2017
Airline safety videos have been around as long as in-flight entertainment systems but have really only taken off in the last years.
Commercial Aircraft Flying Over a War Zone: Syria
Sep 05, 2016
Nowadays many people are wondering if they can travel to Syria safely. It is very important to know how and when is it safe to visit this country.
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