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Plane Skids Off Runway in Turkey
Jan 16, 2018
A Turkish passenger plane veered off the runway and dived nose-down into the side of a cliff, a few perilous yards from the Black Sea.
John Travolta's House Is an Airport!
Apr 26, 2016
John Travolta's house is an airport. Actor is certified private pilot who owns 5 aircraft and his house has two runways that lead directly to the front door
Emergency Landing Without Wheels
Feb 17, 2016
Emergency Landing Without Wheels. The aircraft was flying when suddenly pilot radioed airfield bosses to say he couldn't release his landing gear.
Most Terrifying Runways in the World
Feb 12, 2016
Most Terrifying Runways in the World. There are a few runways in the world that are quite unique and require a lot of skill to land a plane on.
Storm Imogen Winds Bounce Plane Off London Runway
Feb 09, 2016
Storm Imogen winds bounce plane off London runway.This is the moment a pilot was forced to abandon landing as Storm Imogen winds battered a passenger plane.
A380 Thrust Reverse on a Wet Runway
Mar 04, 2015
Watch this amazing Airbus A380 thrust reverse on a wet runway with some amazing crosswind during the approach runway! Enjoy watching!
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