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Air Refueling Accident
Jun 04, 2015
Air refueling accident finished luckily. It must have been one of the most scaring view in the career of the KC-135′s flying boom operator.
Amazing Facts About Aerial Refueling
May 12, 2015
Amazing facts about aerial refueling. Aerial refueling is the process of transmitting aviation fuel from one military aircraft to another during flight.
Astonishing Bomber Refueling Mission
Apr 08, 2015
Astonishing bomber refueling mission. Don't miss a chance to watch an interesting video of stealth bomber refueling.
Video Of The U.S. Marine Corps Refueling Operation
Mar 26, 2015
Video of the U.S. Marine Corps refueling operation. Watch this astonishing view of the KC-130s flying with two F-35B Lightining II Joint Strike figters.
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