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Top 10 Time Lapse Videos Of Aviation
Sep 20, 2018
Time lapse videos are cool as they are but if you love aviation just like us, then these top 10 aviation time lapse videos are about to give you goosebumps! From the casual scenes of aviation to the view from space - these videos have it all.
17 Things Airlines Change In Order To Save Money That Passengers Might Not Notice
Jul 16, 2018
Change is inevitable, especially talking about airlines. They are making all of the necessary alterations to their aircraft in order to save money. From making the seats thinner to removing video screens and even giving up life vests on board – here...
Where Airplanes Go When They Die
May 31, 2018
Airplanes graveyard is a magnificent view as it is, but have you seen it from a bird’s eye? Aviation graveyards, also known as boneyards, are the places, where the airplanes go when they finish their service. In the graveyards they wait for their fat...
Three Dead After Two Planes Collide In Texas
Jan 03, 2017
Three people have died following a mid-air collision between two small planes in Texas, USA, on Saturday. When made a left turn, one crashed into the other.
Battle of The Planes: Trump's 757 – Clinton 's 737
Nov 03, 2016
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s planes had an awkward airport run-in while the nominees were in Las Vegas for the presidential debate.
French Air Traffic Controllers' Strike
Jul 06, 2016
French air traffic controllers' strike : French Air traffic controllers are expected to launch a two-day strike over working conditions, collapsing flights.
10 Most Expensive Planes in the World
Jun 04, 2016
10 Most Expensive Planes in the World. Nowadays the best option for fast travel is by airplane, but billionaires aren’t exactly flying with the rest of us.
TOP 10 World's Most Unusual Planes
Jun 03, 2016
TOP 10 world's most unusual planes. While variety of planes are designed primary focusing on safety, there is another category of experimental aircraft.
The Image Collection Of Incredible Planes
Jun 02, 2016
The image collection of incredible planes has been taken by American graphic artist and photographer Bob Seidemann.
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