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After A Bleak Winter, Summer Provides Opportunities For Pilot Careers
Jun 11, 2019
During the winter, a huge number of airlines in Europe have gone down under. However, while it might look grim, it can actually provide new opportunities for pilots:
Is Pilot Career A Good Option? Pros and Cons Of A Career As A Pilot
May 17, 2019
We all dream of a chance to fly in the cockpit. A career as a pilot allows you to do that and it does sound perfect. However, nothing is perfect and there are cons to a pilot career.
Top 5 Best Places In The World To Work As A Pilot
Mar 25, 2019
Making the right career move in your pilot career is crucial, so sometimes making a decision is quite difficult. However, we have the answer. These are the best locations to work in as a pilot:
From A Cleaner To A Pilot – An Inspiring Story
Jan 08, 2019
An inspiring story about a man from Nigeria, who has managed to achieve his dream. From working as an aircraft cleaner to starting his pilot career, his story is certainly admirable.
10 Female Pilots Who Are Breaking Stereotypes
Dec 07, 2017
The International Society of Women Airline Pilots has estimated that just 4,000 of the world's 130,000 pilots, or a mere three per cent, are female pilots.
Father and Daughter Fly Last Flight Together as Pilots
Nov 07, 2017
A British Airways pilot flew his retirement flight, but the moment was made even more special due to the fact his daughter was the journey's co-pilot.
The Internet is Freaking Out Over This Guy's Airplane Selfies
Sep 12, 2017
Brazilian pilot's selfies are the new craze on Instagram. The pilot hangs out of the cockpit mid-flight and takes stunning airplane selfies.
Meet The Youngest Female Pilot to Command a Boeing 777
Aug 24, 2017
Anny Divya, the world's youngest female pilot has revealed she'd never been on a plane before she began training to fly one.
Pilotless Planes Could Save Airlines Billions
Aug 08, 2017
Although air travel is no stranger to autopilot, most people are uncomfortable with the idea of flying on pilotless planes.
Is an Aviation Career in Your Future? Here are the 10 Most Successful Options
Jul 31, 2017
Now, to pick the specific aviation career that will be best for them. Here are 10 options that hold the greatest promise.
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