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Ryanair Flyer Threatens To Kill Everyone, Tries To Open The Door In The Air
May 14, 2019
Passengers on a Ryanair flight to Gran Canaria experienced something truly terrifying. An unruly flyer tried to open up the aircraft door during the flight. Read more:
A Photo Went Viral After Teen Helped Blind And Deaf Passenger Traveling Alone
Jun 25, 2018
A post with a photo went viral after a 15-year-old teen, that flew on Alaska Airlines‘ flight to Portland, helped Tim Cook, a blind and deaf man. Last week, Cook was traveling alone to his home after visiting his sister. The teen girl Daly happened t...
Emirates Passenger Travels Half Of The World With Husband’s Passport
May 03, 2018
Emirates airline is currently investigating an accident which happened last week to one of their passengers. A woman traveled all the way from Manchester in the UK to New Delhi in India with her husband’s passport.
Passenger Is Arrested After Stripping And Attacking Stewardess On A Plane
Mar 05, 2018
Just right after Malindo Air aircraft departed from Kuala Lumpur on Saturday, a passenger took off his clothes and started watching pornography.
Woman Gets an Entire Plane All To Herself
Jan 05, 2018
The Reddit user @shadybaby22 posted a photo of herself sitting on a completely empty aircraft with the caption “I got a whole plane to myself".
A Ryanair Passenger Took The Emergency Exit
Jan 04, 2018
A Ryanair passenger, fed up with waiting to leave a plane in Spain, got in trouble after taking the emergency exit and waiting on the wing.
Ryanair Seeks Two-Drink Limit for Passengers Before Flight
Aug 16, 2017
Ryanair is calling on UK airports to enforce a two-drink limit after it was revealed the number of passengers arrested for drunken behaviour.
Airport Worker Punches Easyjet Passenger
Aug 01, 2017
An airport worker in Nice, France, has been suspended after a picture showing him punching Easyjet passenger holding a baby went viral.
Passenger Checks Can of Beer as His Luggage
Jul 13, 2017
A beer-loving Australian man has managed to check-in a can of beer as his only luggage on a domestic flight, with the brew arriving safely.
Passenger Throws Coins Into Plane Engine for 'Good Luck'
Jun 28, 2017
A superstitious elderly passenger delayed a flight in Shanghai after throwing coins at the engine for good luck, a Chinese airline has confirmed.
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