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Delta Airlines Flight 47 Canceled Over Drunk Co-Pilot
Jan 31, 2019
A Delta Airlines Flight 47 was canceled by the Dutch Authorities after the first officer of the flight was suspected to be too drunk to operate an aircraft.
5 Flights You Can Celebrate New Year’s Eve In
Dec 10, 2018
There are numerous ways to celebrate New Year's Eve. One of the unusual ways of doing so is to meet the new year while in the air! These are the top 5 flights you should board if you wish to celebrate New Year's differently:
Top 5 Biggest Airports In The World In 2018
Nov 30, 2018
An airport never sleeps, no matter what your job is. The biggest airports in the world never have a calm hour in their daily schedule. Yet airports every year try to increase their figures, trying to increase their profits. But which airport handled...
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