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Nepal Plane Crash: What Happened To The Pilot?
Aug 29, 2018
Nepal's investigators are now more busy than ever. On August 27th a plane crashed in Kathmandu that killed 51 passenger. But the biggest mystery is what happened to the pilot and why he acted so unprofessional?
At Least 49 Died In A Plane Crash In Nepal
Mar 12, 2018
Bangladesh based US-Bangla Airlines carrier crashed today near Kathmandu, Nepal. Aircraft was carrying 67 passengers and 4 crew members, at least 49 of them died.
Nepal Plane Crash Kills All 23 on Board
Feb 25, 2016
Nepal plane crash kills all 23 on board. A Tara Twin-Otter plane with 23 people reportedly crashed in Myagdi district in western Nepal on Wednesday morning.
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