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The Search For Missing Malaysian Flight MH370 Ended After Four Years
May 30, 2018
After three months of the second round of the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, officials announced the end of the overall search for the plane. The accident, which remains one of the biggest mysteries in aviation history, happen...
Myanmar Military Plane with 104 Aboard Goes Missing
Jun 07, 2017
A military transport plane with more than 100 people on board went missing Wednesday on a flight from southern Myanmar to Yangon, a military spokesman said.
Aviation Expert May Have Found Missing MH370
Jun 10, 2016
Aviation expert may have found Missing MH370. Andre Milne claims to found the remains of the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 but he needs £1.3 million to find it.
EgyptAir Flight Missing With 66 People Aboard
Jun 03, 2016
EgyptAir Flight Missing With 66 People Aboard. Aircraft vanished off radar on its way from Paris to Cairo, an airline official said Thursday.
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