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The Challenging Saint Maarten Runway
Mar 22, 2017
The Challenging Saint Maarten Runway! Captain ten Velde is on board of a flight to this island and land at one of the most challenging runways in the world!
A380 Landing at Manchester
Dec 02, 2016
Indeed, excellent video showing Airbus A380 landing at Manchester! Take a look at the funny sheeps' reaction to the plane landing!
Top 5 Most Popular Aviation Videos
Jul 09, 2016
See the Top 5 most popular aviation videos at AviationCV.com Blog! There is the short list of videos that our fans enjoy the most. Take a look!
Awesome Windy Go Around Landings
Jun 14, 2016
Enjoy watching awesome windy go around landings! Rain and strong wind caused many flights were canceled or diverted, leaving the airport closed.
Landing at St-Maarten
Jun 14, 2016
Take a look at the landing at St-Maarten which is announced one of the most dangerous airports in the world. It was filmed directly through the cockpit!
Landings At Most Dangerous Airports
Jun 09, 2016
Collection of landings at most dangerous airports! See the most amazing, unusual, challenging and extremely dangerous airports in the world! Must see!
Fixed-Wing UAV Flying Vertically
Jun 08, 2016
There is the explanation of how Fixed-Wing UAV is Flying Vertically. Booms fitted with vertical lift motors and rotors. Take a look!
Strong Crosswind Windy Landings at London
Jun 07, 2016
Watch this astonishing video of 16 strong crosswind windy landings at London Heathrow airport! Indeed, shocking experience!
Risky Landing at Toncontin
Jun 07, 2016
Despite the poor quality of the video, enjoy watching Boeing 737-300 making a dangerous and risky landing at Toncontin!
Scariest Aircraft Landings Caught on Camera
Jun 06, 2016
Enjoy watching 7 minutes of scariest aircraft landings caught on camera! Worth to see!
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