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A Day In The Life Of A Pilot: Challenges And Benefits
Oct 18, 2018
Always dreamed of becoming a pilot? But have you ever thought about the actual challenges pilots face everyday? Here are the representations of what a normal day of a pilot looks like - from waking up at 3AM and drinking lots of coffee to travelling...
Air Traffic: 18 Incredible Photos From All Around The World
Oct 09, 2018
We are used to sight of airplanes taking off. We see them when we raise our eyes to the sky, we notice pretty photos on our social media accounts but never like this... Photos of airplanes are impressive as they are but can you imagine seeing the pic...
Ryanair Plans to Create Over 3500 Jobs In 2017
Oct 05, 2016
Irish budget carrier Ryanair has detailed its expansion plans for 2017 which will see it add 50 aircraft and create over 3,500 new jobs.
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