Mysterious Sickness On Board. What Happened On These Flights?
Sep 06, 2018
Mysteries can be wonderful and intriguing. But most of the time they bring up many questions. And what happened on these flights is a mystery itself. In one week two flights had an emergency landing when sickness attacked passengers on board.
Possible Engine Fire on Plane at JFK Airport
Feb 10, 2017
The Buenos Aires plane’s engine reportedly caught fire during takeoff at JFK Airport in New York. The situation is now under control.
Trump’s Travel Ban Leads to Chaos at Airports
Jan 30, 2017
Tens of thousands of people rallied in U.S. cities and at airports on Sunday to voice outrage over President Donald Trump's executive order.
BOMB THREAT: Plane Forced To Land At JFK
Dec 13, 2016
A bomb threat has forced a plane to make an emergency landing at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport on Monday.
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