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Bored Pilot Made Beach Boys Spoof 'I Sit Around'
Jun 06, 2016
Bored Pilot Made Beach Boys Spoof 'I Sit Around'. He decided to use his time wisely, and made this music video parody of Beach Boys song "I Get Around".
Amazing Video 'Remove Cat Before Flight'
Jul 15, 2015
You need to see this amazing video 'Remove Cat Before Flight'! It is hard to believe how calm the cat was!
The Internetest safety video on the Internet
May 22, 2015
Delta Air Lines new safety film features viral legendary YouTube stars and Internet memes including Ice Bucket Challenge, Mr. "double rainbow" and more!
Six Hour Flight On Blah Airlines
Apr 07, 2015
Six hour flight on Blah Airlines. See Virgin's hilarious and kind of creepy Blah Airlines video!
Smart Seats: Amazing WestJet Invension
Apr 01, 2015
Smart Seats: amazing WestJet invension. Have you heard about brand new Smart Seats? They changes the way passengers fly!
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