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Air India Serves A Cockroach On A Flight To Mumbai
Feb 07, 2019
One Air India passenger found a surprise guest in his meal on an Air India flight to Mumbai. A cockroach was found in his meal tray.
8 Things That Will Improve The Quality Of Your Flight And Will Save You Time
Sep 07, 2018
For most of us traveling gives joy. From the minute we start planning to the moment we reach our destination. We search for the best flight deals and book them in advance to avoid higher costs.
5 Tips For Coping Up With The Fear Of Flying
Aug 02, 2018
Even if it feels wrong, there is no reason to feel ashamed of the fear of flying. Most things that people are afraid of have some reasons to be afraid. But sometimes only the idea of someone flying a slender tube in the air might be a path to the fea...
Take A Look At What Happened When 83-Year-Old Flight Ticket Was Presented For An Airline
Jun 28, 2018
In 1935, Arnold Neahus, only a 7 year old boy at the time, won a special prize. It was a flight around Amsterdam on KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. Unfortunately, he could not claim his contest win prize and go on the flight. Take a look at what happens wh...
Where The Flight Crews Sleep On Long International Flights
Jun 11, 2018
Have you ever wondered, where do the flight crews sleep (if ever) during the long flights? According to the PopularMechanics.com, there are parts of the plane, that are hidden to the eyes of the passengers. These crew rest areas are vital for the pro...
World‘s Longest Nonstop Flight Is About To Return To Route Newark-Singapore
Jun 04, 2018
The world‘s longest non-stop flight is returning to Newark Airport in October. The flight takes 18 hours and 45 minutes and is flying from Newark Liberty International Airport to Singapore. Current longest flight requires a several-hour stop to refue...
African-American Female Flight Crew Make History
May 24, 2018
Two pilots made history on Alaska Airlines on May 13. Last week, two African-American females, Captain Tara Wright and First Officer Mallory Cave, together piloted a flight. This is the first time ever, when all-African-American flight crew piloted f...
Cuba‘s Airplane Crash Leaves Only 3 Survivors, 110 Found Dead
May 21, 2018
On Friday, Cuban airplane, carrying out a Havana‘s domestic flight, veered to the right and crashed to the ground just minutes after take-off. The airplane crash took 110 lives of the passengers and left only 3 survivors in critical condition.
Woman Tried to Bring Peacock on Plane
Jan 31, 2018
United Airlines denied a woman's efforts to bring a peacock onto a flight departing from Newark Liberty International Airport.
Qantas Uses Mustard Seeds in First Ever Biofuel Flight
Jan 30, 2018
Qantas flight took off from Los Angeles International Airport burning 90-percent regular jet fuel and 10-percent mustard seed oil biofuel.
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