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Take A Look At Singapore Airlines' Brand New Hotel Rooms In The Sky
Jun 05, 2018
Most recently, Singapore Airlines showed the world the new hotel rooms for its Airbus A380. The airline is already known for its luxurious suites and service. But the best seats aboard the biggest passenger jet in the world just got even better.
African-American Female Flight Crew Make History
May 24, 2018
Two pilots made history on Alaska Airlines on May 13. Last week, two African-American females, Captain Tara Wright and First Officer Mallory Cave, together piloted a flight. This is the first time ever, when all-African-American flight crew piloted f...
NASA Is Sending Aircraft To Mars - The First Attempt Ever
May 15, 2018
Scientists were able to see Mars from land with rovers as well as from space using orbital spacecraft for many years. So that is no fresh news. But NASA is willing to go one step further and is seeking to prove that it is possible to fly around in th...
Wold's Largest Aircraft Takes its First Flight
Aug 18, 2016
The world's largest aircraft is finally flying! The Airlander 10 has made its maiden voyage from Cardington Airfield in Bedfordshire.
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