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Red Alert For Aviation Announced After The Explosion of Hawaiian Volcano
May 18, 2018
After the volcano in Hawaii exploded two weeks ago, the red alert for aviation was announced due to ash cloud. An aviation red alert means that ash could be spewed along the aircraft routes. This might be caused by the volcanic eruption. Such an expl...
Engine Explodes on an Air France Plane
Oct 02, 2017
An Airbus SE A380 superjumbo operated by Air France was forced to make an emergency landing in eastern Canada after one of its four engine broke apart.
Southwest Airlines Flight Engine Explosion
Aug 30, 2016
Southwest Airlines flight bound for Orlando, Florida, made an emergency landing due to a major problem with one of its two engines.
Somalia Plane Explosion: Bomb Hidden in Laptop
Feb 08, 2016
Somalia plane explosion: bomb hidden in laptop. CCTV footage has been released showing the suspected Somali plane bomber in the airport.
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