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Ethiopian Airlines Releases Preliminary Report About 737 MAX Crash
Apr 04, 2019
Ethiopian investigators, Ethiopian Airlines and representatives from various aviation authorities have released a preliminary report about the Boeing 737 MAX crash.
Ethiopian Airlines Pilots Reactivated MCAS Just Before The Crash
Apr 03, 2019
As investigators are searching for the reason behind the accident, some insider information indicated that the pilots reactivated the MCAS just before it crashed.
Boeing 737 MAX Makes An Emergency Landing
Mar 27, 2019
A Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 MAX made an emergency landing at Orlando International Airport. Pilots reported an issue with the engines and landed safely. But for Boeing, it seems like 737 MAX and emergency in one sentence seems to deepen their PR...
More shocking facts about the Boeing 737 MAX crashes
Mar 20, 2019
Many reports have emerged on the training, certification and the way that MCAS on the Boeing 737 MAX works has recently emerged. To say the least, the details are shocking. Read more:
Is Boeing Canceling the Boeing 737 MAX?
Mar 13, 2019
After two fatal crashes in less than 6 months, airlines and aviation authorities have grounded the Boeing 737 MAX, citing safety reasons. But with repeated crashes and concerns about the design, is Boeing going to cancel the jet?
Ethiopian Airlines Flight ET302 Crash. Information So Far
Mar 12, 2019
On Sunday, 10th of March, Ethiopian Airlines Flight ET302 has crashed in Ethiopia. A lot of information has fluctuated around, here is the latest news about the fatal accident:
Will Ethiopian Airlines Become New Emirates?
Mar 29, 2018
For a couple of years already Ethiopian Airlines is rapidly expanding and step by step entering the elite of aviation world. Currently, they are launching new routes and owns one of the newest fleets among airlines. What else have they prepared for u...
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