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Harbour Air set to become the first all-electric airline in the world
Apr 03, 2019
A Canadian airline, Harbor Air and electric engine manufacturer magniX have partnered up to create a very ambitious project – a fully electric airline.
An Electric-Powered Airplane Might Be A Distant Future After All
Aug 20, 2018
In 2016 we saw how plane is powered with a solar energy and in 2017 we were introduced with the idea of electric-powered jets. Zero emission jet was planned to be the future of aviation and it was predicted to be here by 2022.
Uber Works With NASA To Get Flying Taxis Ready By 2020
May 17, 2018
Most recently, Uber announced the plans to launch their Elevate project – a concept of flying taxis was introduced. To be able to launch the project, Uber has signed a Space Act Agreement with NASA to develop software for the proposed flying taxis pr...
Boeing and JetBlue Are Funding Electric Aircraft
Apr 07, 2017
On Wednesday, the hybrid electric aircraft startup Zunum Aero announced that it had received an investment from Boeing and JetBlue.
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