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Emirates A380 Makes Landing During Rough Crosswinds
Oct 09, 2017
A massive Emirates Airbus A380 managed to pull off an incredible but terrifying landing during the powerful Storm Xavier this week in Germany.
Horrifying Footage Shows a Plane Battling Crosswinds
Sep 19, 2017
The footage shows the Alligient Airlines flight being thrown around in the stormy weather as it tried to touch down at Myrtle Beach International Airport.
Shocking Video of Plane Battered by Crosswinds
Apr 19, 2017
Amsterdam airport appears to have become a testing ground for pilots with strong crosswinds ripping across the tarmac and tossing planes around.
Dramatic Moments Planes are Battered by Storm Doris
Feb 24, 2017
Storm Doris has lashed the UK with winds of up to 94mph and brought heavy rain and snow, causing widespread travel disruption.
Emirates Airbus A380 Battles Against Crosswinds
Sep 27, 2016
The Emirates Airbus A380 was filmed struggling through high winds and swaying aggressively as it came close to Manchester Airport
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