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Emirates Airlines To Relaunch Supersonic Concorde Service in 2022
Apr 01, 2019
To regain its positions as the worlds best airline, Emirates had to make a very brave move. And it did - Emirates announced that it will commence Concorde flights in 2022, with 4 routes between Dubai and cities around the world.
5 Aircraft Which Will Revolutionize Travel In The Future
Dec 12, 2018
Planes today do not create the same mass media hysteria as they did back in the 60s and 70s, with such magnificent creations as the Boeing 747 and Concorde. But yet there is a lot of exciting aircraft that will change the way we all travel!
The Lost Brother of Concorde: The story of Tupolev Tu-144
Dec 05, 2018
When we hear about supersonic transport, immediately in front of our eyes there is a Concorde soaring through the skies. But the story of the Soviet supersonic jet, Tu-144 is as fascinating as the story of Concorde.
The Arrival And Departure Of Concorde. Part 3
Nov 23, 2018
The future looked bright. Successful tests proved that supersonic travel is a possibility in today‘s world and that the future of aviation lies in the hands of those airlines, who will fly the Concorde name in the skies. But was the future really tha...
The Arrival and Departure of Concorde. Part 2
Nov 16, 2018
With everything set in stone, it seemed like the first ever Super Sonic Transport aircraft was ready for take-off in a few years down the line. The engineers set the deadline – the long-range Concorde was going to make its maiden voyage in 1970.
The Arrival And Departure Of Concorde. Part 1
Nov 09, 2018
Whenever we think of the most iconic aircraft, what does spring to your mind? You’re imagining a lot of aircraft, but one of them is probably a Concorde. Its outlandish looks and the revolution that it brought to the aviation industry left a mark to...
Norwegian Dreamliner Trans-Atlantic Breaks Speed Record
Jan 24, 2018
New record for the fastest transatlantic flight has been set after a Norwegian Dreamliner rode a strong jet stream from New York to London.
Top 10 Most Beautiful Airplanes of All Times
Sep 25, 2017
While we can name hundreds of really smart, powerful, utilitarian or awesome airplanes, there are far, far fewer of them that we would call truly beautiful.
Top 10 Extremely Interesting Facts About Concorde
May 18, 2016
Top 10 extremely interesting facts about Concorde. Although Concorde finished lifespan but it is known as the most impressive airliner ever to fly.
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