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A Pilot Without Arms – The Story Of Jessica Cox
Feb 20, 2019
There are numerous inspirational stories that surround us. However, some of them are truly exceptional, as is the case with the story of Jessica Cox, as she was born with no arms. Nevertheless, she managed to achieve her dream of becoming a pilot. Re...
Why Do Airlines Pay Pilots So Much?
Feb 18, 2019
The fact that pilots are one of the top earners in the world is no big secret. However, some might think that the job of a pilot is an easy one. But there are numerous reasons why pilots get paid so much. Read more:
From A Cleaner To A Pilot – An Inspiring Story
Jan 08, 2019
An inspiring story about a man from Nigeria, who has managed to achieve his dream. From working as an aircraft cleaner to starting his pilot career, his story is certainly admirable.
Top 5 Reasons To Work For Ryanair As A Pilot
Nov 22, 2018
Ryanair is one of the fastest growing airlines in Europe. And we think Ryanair is one of the best airlines to work for at the moment. Why? Here are the Top 5 reasons why:
Why Is The Cabin Crew So Important To An Airline?
Nov 19, 2018
From the first smile when customers come up to the check-in desk to the warm goodbyes when they leave your plane can make or break a customers’ flight experience. But another thing that really matters and can stand out like nothing else – is your Cab...
A Day In The Life Of A Pilot: Challenges And Benefits
Oct 18, 2018
Always dreamed of becoming a pilot? But have you ever thought about the actual challenges pilots face everyday? Here are the representations of what a normal day of a pilot looks like - from waking up at 3AM and drinking lots of coffee to travelling...
16 Celebrities You Never Knew Are Pilots
Sep 25, 2018
These celebrities achieved their dream and they became pilots. They are not flying aircraft now but they can show us that all of us can achieve our goals if we really want to.
Bringing innovation: Pilot Career Show makes aviation recruitment easy as never before
Jun 01, 2018
In the situation of a global pilot shortage in aviation and difficulties related to pilot recruitment procedures, an innovative type of career event comes just in time to change that.
Why Make a Career in Cabin Crew?
Oct 20, 2017
The idea of flying across the world every other day and getting paid for the same is fascinating enough to opt for cabin crew career.
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