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One Arrested After Fight on Southwest Flight
May 10, 2017
A vicious fight broke out on a Southwest flight as it was taxiing in Burbank, as one man was seen repeatedly punching another.
The Flight Attendant Advantage: Surprising Work Benefits
Apr 20, 2017
From being able to enjoy flexible hours to meeting interesting people, here a few other benefits that will surely convince you to become a Flight Attendant!
5 Situations Flight Attendants Have To Deal With
Mar 03, 2017
Flight attendants have to deal with all sorts of different people and situations, and they do it with grace as they zip around the country and the globe.
Aviation Career Opportunities
Jan 27, 2017
When asked to make a list of aviation jobs, most people think of pilots. Airlines rely on many individuals to perform their job to keep them in business.
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