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How To Start Your Flight Attendant Career Right Now
Apr 12, 2019
It might look scary or difficult at first, but landing your first job as a flight attendant is not a very difficult task. If you're interested, check out this article!
Top 5 Reasons Why A Flight Attendant Job Is Hard
Mar 29, 2019
Some discredit the job of a Flight attendant as an easy one that anyone could do. But we think otherwise, as this list of reasons proves. Read more:
Why Is The Cabin Crew So Important To An Airline?
Nov 19, 2018
From the first smile when customers come up to the check-in desk to the warm goodbyes when they leave your plane can make or break a customers’ flight experience. But another thing that really matters and can stand out like nothing else – is your Cab...
Watch This Heartwarming Video As This Girl’s Dreams Come True!
Nov 12, 2018
Aviation has truly changed the world that we live in. This video is an excellent example of that. Watch as this girls dreams come true when she becomes a part of the Cabin Crew!
Air India Cabin Supervisor Slapped Flight Attendant For Serving A Passenger The Wrong Meal
Mar 23, 2018
There are some well-established rules in Air India protecting flight crew from aggressive, unpleasant or hostile passengers. But what should flight attendant do when she is slapped by a supervisor?
Emirates Cabin Crew Member Dies After Jumping Out Of the B777
Mar 16, 2018
A flight attendant dies after jumping from Boeing B777 which was safely landed and parked on a tarmac. The causes of such action by Emirates cabin crew member remain unclear.
Emirates Secret “Appearance Management Program” Designed to Identify “Overweight” Flight Attendants
Mar 09, 2018
One of the Emirates cabin crew members has decided to speak up and reveal the truth about the secret “Appearance Management Programme”.
How Air New Zealand's Uniforms Have Served Over Decades
Feb 08, 2018
For over 70 years, the flight attendant uniforms have evolved showing off some very risqué hemlines and outlandish styles.
Video Shows Passengers Bracing for Emergency Landing
Jan 19, 2018
Passengers suffered some tense moments after they were instructed to brace for impact as their plane made an emergency landing due to mechanical issues.
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