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International Airlines Group orders 200 Boeing 737 MAX
Jun 21, 2019
On Tuesday IAG and Boeing announced a deal that nobody did expect. IAG has signed a letter of intent to order 200 Boeing 737 MAX. However, the deal is questionable:
Ryanair Mocks British Airways For Landing At The Wrong Airport
Mar 26, 2019
As a British Airways flight accidentally landed in Edinburgh instead of Düsseldorf, Ryanair took to Twitter to take a friendly dig at the misfortune of the British airline. Read More:
British Airways Gets A Birthday Gift Of 42 Boeing 777Xs
Feb 28, 2019
As the celebrations for the 100th birthday for British Airways, IAG has presented them with an early gift. The multinational airline company has ordered 42 Boeing 777Xs for the airline.
Video shows British Airways Flight BA 492 In Extreme Wind
Feb 26, 2019
A video emerged showcasing the extreme conditions that the passengers on the British Airways Flight BA 429 had to endure during a landing attempt in Gibraltar.
Top 10 Airline Advertisement Posters Of All Time
Feb 06, 2019
As technology changes the daily lives, so does the way of companies reaching us via their adverts. But back in the golden age of aviation, airlines used posters to attract passengers to their new routes. Check out the Top 10 most beautiful airline po...
How Will Brexit Affect Aviation And Travel?
Feb 01, 2019
As March looms, everyone that is involved in the aviation industry begins to wonder - how will Brexit affect me? Read more to find out:
British Airways Reveals Classic BOAC Livery
Jan 22, 2019
As British Airways celebrates its 100th birthday, the company announced a classic BOAC livery for some of its aircraft. The first one is a Boeing 747, with more designs to be announced soon.
The Arrival And Departure Of Concorde. Part 3
Nov 23, 2018
The future looked bright. Successful tests proved that supersonic travel is a possibility in today‘s world and that the future of aviation lies in the hands of those airlines, who will fly the Concorde name in the skies. But was the future really tha...
The Arrival and Departure of Concorde. Part 2
Nov 16, 2018
With everything set in stone, it seemed like the first ever Super Sonic Transport aircraft was ready for take-off in a few years down the line. The engineers set the deadline – the long-range Concorde was going to make its maiden voyage in 1970.
Watch This Heartwarming Video As This Girl’s Dreams Come True!
Nov 12, 2018
Aviation has truly changed the world that we live in. This video is an excellent example of that. Watch as this girls dreams come true when she becomes a part of the Cabin Crew!
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