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Why Did Jet Airways Fail? Will The Airline Fly Again? Crisis Explained
May 10, 2019
As uncertainty looms over the situation of Jet Airways, we explore what are the reasons behind the fall of the biggest private airline in India. Read more:
WOW Air Ceases All Operations After Financial Struggles
Mar 28, 2019
It seems like the harsh winter for the aviation industry has still not ended. WOW Air has ceased all operations, amidst financial trouble. Read more:
Airbus Cancels The Airbus A380 program
Feb 14, 2019
As orders dry up and Emirates have canceled theirs, Airbus had no other choice but to cancel the Airbus A380 program. However, the signs that the program is not profitable were always there. Read more:
Another One Bites The Dust – Germania Is Bankrupt
Feb 05, 2019
As a harsh winter looms on the aviation industry, seems like another airline has gone down under. This time - Germania has declared insolvency and subsequently ceased all operations.
Top 5 Airlines That Are Bankrupt
Nov 21, 2018
While aviation is lucky for some, for others it went south and it all ended in bankruptcy. These are the top 5 biggest airlines that are no longer with us.
Monarch Airlines Went Bankrupt and People Are Stranded
Oct 03, 2017
More than 110,000 passengers are stranded around Europe and the Middle East after Monarch Airlines ceased operations suddenly.
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