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202 Passengers Onboard When The Plane In Russia Catches Fire
Aug 23, 2018
Being onboard when plane engines suddenly start spitting flames is not the best travel moment. But this is what happened in Russia this week when Tu-204 jumbo jet was forced for the emergency landing.
Crash In Swiss Alps: All Passengers Killed
Aug 06, 2018
All 20 passengers on board with 17 Swiss and 3 Austrians, were killed in a plane crash on Sunday. The small vintage plane, that was returning from Locarno, near Switzerland's southern border, crashed in Swiss Alps. Accident happened before 5PM local...
Aeromexico Crash In Durango With 103 On Board
Aug 03, 2018
An Aeromexico airliner with 103 people on board had crashed soon after takeoff. All passengers are reportedly safe with with only minor injuries and 2 passengers in critical condition. The reason of the crash is still on hold.
Turkish Heiress Dies In A Plane Crash Returning From Her Bridal Party
Mar 12, 2018
11 young women died in a plane crash this Sunday in the mountains of Iran. Turned out an aircraft was carrying Mina Basaran, a Turkish heiress.
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