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Top 5 Shortest Flights On Earth
Nov 27, 2018
Airlines today are competing to launch the longest scheduled flights to cross continents and oceans alike, but sometimes the only option is to commute by plane. That creates some unique flights and these are the Top 5 shortest flights on Earth!
The Arrival And Departure Of Concorde. Part 1
Nov 09, 2018
Whenever we think of the most iconic aircraft, what does spring to your mind? You’re imagining a lot of aircraft, but one of them is probably a Concorde. Its outlandish looks and the revolution that it brought to the aviation industry left a mark to...
Want To Purchase An Aircraft? These 8 Steps Will Help You
Oct 01, 2018
When we are young, we dream about becoming a pilot and buying an aircraft. But as grown-ups, we discover that this can become a reality. We present you 8 steps that will help with your first aircraft purchase.
Airplane Sinks Into The Lagoon After Missing The Runway
Sep 28, 2018
On 28th September, Air Niugini Boeing 737-800 crashed into Lagoon after missing the runway. There were 46 passengers and 11 crew members onboard and all of them are reportedly safe.
Dramatic Footage Of Crosswind Landing At Birmingham Airport
Sep 27, 2018
Flying can be scary sometimes. Especially, when the storm is approaching. This is exactly what happened at Birmingham Airport earlier this week. The dramatic crosswind landing took everyone's attention.
202 Passengers Onboard When The Plane In Russia Catches Fire
Aug 23, 2018
Being onboard when plane engines suddenly start spitting flames is not the best travel moment. But this is what happened in Russia this week when Tu-204 jumbo jet was forced for the emergency landing.
Evacuation In Ryanair Aircraft After Phone Catches Fire Onboard
Aug 21, 2018
Traveling is a part of vacation process. Most of the time the worst that can happen is the delayed flight. But sometimes the heat appears to be not the beach and sun heat but far more concerning. The one, than can be caused by electronic devices and...
An Electric-Powered Airplane Might Be A Distant Future After All
Aug 20, 2018
In 2016 we saw how plane is powered with a solar energy and in 2017 we were introduced with the idea of electric-powered jets. Zero emission jet was planned to be the future of aviation and it was predicted to be here by 2022.
Richard Russell: The Man Behind Seattle Plane Crash
Aug 13, 2018
Many are stunned by the act of a 29 year old Richard Russell. The person, who was described as "faithful husband, a loving son and a good friend" did something no one thought he could and took his life.
Afraid Of Bacteria? These Are The Germiest Spots In The Airport!
Aug 09, 2018
Every day millions of people travel around the world. The airports are never empty. To find a comfy and clean place in the airport sometimes might be challenging....
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