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Brand New Lion Air Boeing 737-8 MAX: New Victims, Crash Reasons Revealed By Black Box
Nov 06, 2018
After the recent Lion Air accident, there were questions, why a brand new Boeing 737-8 MAX would crash just after it successfully took off from Jakarta. Most recently, the black box of the month-old plane was found. While the main reason for the malf...
Lion Air Plane Crashes Just After Take-off: 189 Feared Dead
Oct 29, 2018
A Lion Air Boeing 737 plane, carrying 189 people on board, has reportedly crashed into the sea just 13 minutes after taking off. The flight was departing from the airport in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. The Lion Air flight JT 610 left the Jakar...
Air Traffic: 18 Incredible Photos From All Around The World
Oct 09, 2018
We are used to sight of airplanes taking off. We see them when we raise our eyes to the sky, we notice pretty photos on our social media accounts but never like this... Photos of airplanes are impressive as they are but can you imagine seeing the pic...
Breathtaking Moments From The Magical Red Bull Air Race World Championship In Budapest
Jun 26, 2018
Everyone knows that Red Bull Air Race is like aviation’s very own Formula One. The event that happened on June 23-24 brought many moments of joy to the aviation race fans as well as lots of breathtaking sights to the ones that have nothing to do with...
Air Refueling Accident
Jun 04, 2015
Air refueling accident finished luckily. It must have been one of the most scaring view in the career of the KC-135′s flying boom operator.
An Amazing Close Air Support Video
May 23, 2015
An amazing close air support video - enjoy watching! Close Air Support is air action against hostile targets that are in close proximity to friendly forces.
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