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Defying The Physics: Aerobatic Air Shows
Oct 26, 2018
Loops, spins, barrel rolls, free falling and death defying maneuvers - that is everyday reality for aerobatic flying pilots. The teams of such performances are often composed of air forces, navies and even private organizations. The chosen air displa...
Water vs Gravity in a Fighter Jet
Jun 20, 2016
Water vs Gravity in a Fighter Jet. Video called Water vs Gravity just proves science, pilots, and barrel rolls are awesome!
Little Girl's First Aerobatic Flight
Jun 03, 2016
Little Girl's First Aerobatic Flight. Pilot took his daughter on her first aerobatic flight and filmed her reaction, which involved a delightfully laugh.
Red Bull Pilots Fly Through Hangar at 185mph
Jun 01, 2016
Red Bull Pilots Fly Through Hangar at 185mph. Two pilots flew their planes together through a hangar in one of the most exhilarating aviation feats ever.
Impressive Aerobatics at Smoky Mountain Air Show
Apr 18, 2016
Impressive aerobatics at Smoky Mountain Air Show. Thousands of people turned out in the heat of April sun to watch top pilots perform aerial maneuvers .
Aviation Legend Jurgis Kairys
Feb 04, 2016
Meet Lithuanian Aviation Legend. Do you know one of the bravest and most famous aerobatic in aviation world? Please meet aviation legend Jurgis Kairys! 
Major Air shows
Jun 27, 2015
Read article about major air shows in the world! Feel free to comment, share your experience or add your favorite air show!
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