Flight Attendant Job Tips

5 Situations Flight Attendants Have To Deal With
Mar 03, 2017
Flight attendants have to deal with all sorts of different people and situations, and they do it with grace as they zip around the country and the globe.
Best Things About Being a Flight Attendant
Sep 14, 2016
Although being a flight attendant has its drawbacks, the advantages outweigh, so here are the main reasons, why it is awesome being a flight attendant!
How to Become a Flight Attendant
Nov 10, 2015
eing a flight attendant for many people is more than just a job. It's a dream they have harboured for a long time. So how to become a flight attendant?
New Air France Safety Video
Mar 25, 2015
Discover the French way of traveling with the new Air France on-board safety video created by BETC and directed by the choreographers!
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